So, part of my job is to give refresher classes on lab tech stuff.  We all take turns presenting powerpoints that we made (or copied and pasted, depending on who you’re talking about).  Mine is coming up 5 October and it’s on cell morphology—white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.  I have 94 slides of pure awesomeness—which can easily be VERY boring if you don’t actually like being a lab tech.  So, not only did I spend 9 hours yesterday putting it together (I still have upwards of 50 pictures and a test to include), it’s a seriously long presentation.  I feel bad for anyone who isn’t genuinely as interested in the job as I am because it’s going to be a very long morning for them.  I like what I do, so I can talk about it for days and days.  I don’t short cut like most others; I feel like that’s cheating people—especially those who are going to be taking the MLT or MT for certification.  I also (unlike some other people) don’t go around the room and make people read their presentation out loud.  This is my presentation, and I will give it.  Any questions, feel free to ask, but I’m not going to wait around for people to decide to read, and obnoxiously read the information.  I’m also a firm believer in knowing your material; and if you don’t know it, familiarize yourself because I can guarantee that there are other people in the room that will know more than you.  If it’s me and you’re talking nonsense, I’m going to call you out on it (as evidenced by thursday’s ABO typing/compatibility refresher—which I ended up teaching for someone who was clearly incompetent and had almost no understanding of the material).

yay pictures!  this is what a blood smear looks like.  The red things are RBCs (although I wouldn’t look at this part of the slide for morphology), the two bigger purplish things are the neutrophils (1 banded and 1 segmented), and the little tiny purple dots between the RBCs are platelets. 

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